Giuseppina Manca : Architect

Giuseppina completed her undergraduate studies at Università degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy), having already carried out studies at the Universidad de Leòn (Spain). She is a qualified Ingegnere Edile Architetto and member of the Albo degli Igegneri della Provincia di Cagliari. Giuseppina has gained architectural experience in Cagliari where she was involved in diverse hospitality and landscape projects.

In 2013 Giuseppina joined mc2architects, where she has developed and refined her skills in architectural and interior detailing. She has assisted on a vast number of projects, taking designs from concept to planning stage. Projects vary from small to large scale commercial premises, multi-residential projects, interior refurbishments and new-build designs. She has gained diverse experience in the local planning authority process and implementation.

Giuseppina is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, and is passionate about art.